For Speakers: The Simple Art of High Speed Cartooning

The one comment I frequently hear at my talks is this, “I wish I could draw cartoons like that but I can’t even draw a straight line.” This is nonsense. If you can draw a straight line, a circle, an oval and a rectangle you can become a high speed cartoonist. All you need to know is a few quick tricks. 4anime

Why is high speed cartooning such an important skill to have if you are in the business of presenting material to others?

“Humor is like a rubber sword; it allows you to make a point without drawing blood.” Mary Hirsch

6 Reasons to draw or at least use, cartoons in your presentations.

1. They can get a point across quickly and clearly. I use this cartoon whenever I present on the topic of staff recognition and appreciation. On the wall is an automatic back patter giving a disgruntled staff member a pat on the back. Beside the machine there is a sign that reads… “INSERT COINS HERE.” Get a pat on the back… only 50 cents a minute. The staff member is saying, “Oh well, I guess they have to start somewhere.”

2. Cartoons spark audience attention and interest. People love to see the presenter actually draw to illustrate a point… but you’ve got to be fast.

3. They can lighten up serious, heavy material. If you’re in the process of presenting some heavy material I suggest you use a cartoon every 8 minutes to lighten the load.

4. They promote audience recall of your content. When your content is presented within a cartoon graphic your audience tends to remember your material. When you include both auditory and visual learning in your speech audience attention and retention increases.

5. Cartoons make your power point graphics come alive and therefore audience interest in you and your content skyrockets.

6. They can direct and focus audience attention. “Someone once said that the mind can absorb what the ass can endure. Wise words for a speaker to recall.

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